An Otherwise Healthy Woman

Here are a few of Amy’s poems from her latest book, “An Otherwise Healthy Woman.”

The Day After Memorial Day

Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

The Course of Leukemia

Cat Scan

an otherwise healthy woman cover

An Otherwise Healthy Woman

A clear-eyed look at what it is to be on both sides of America’s health care system, this book of poems offers rare insight into the humanity of the health care professional and the humanity of the patient. Spare and truthful, sorrowful and wise, these poems are necessary in both their deep empathy and their fierce gaze into mortality.

– Ada Limón, Author of The Carrying, Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award

Video Series

Watch this video series featuring Amy Haddad presenting four of her original poems.

The Geography of Kitchens, Finishing Line Press, Georgetown, KY.

An Otherwise Healthy Woman, Backwaters Press, Lincoln, NE.

DASH Literary Journal, 13th Edition, pages 76-79.

DASH Literary Journal, 13th Edition, pages 76-79.